Spiritual awakening here simply indicates the welcoming of the Holy Spirit. So, why the spiritual awakening? Why has it been specifically emphasized here? It is because only the holy spirit can teach you,comfort you and lead you to the truth.

Holy Spirit has been mentioned frequently in the bible.  Beginning from the book of Genesis 1:2This particular verse explains how the Holy spirit was involved in the creation and that he existed from the beginning of time. “Spirit” in Hebrew is often translated as “breath” or “wind” in the Old Testament (Psalm 33:6). The holy spirit shows up very often in the bible in many different ways. He is described as a teacher and a wisdom provider (John 14:26,1Corinthians 2:10-14). He has been described as a comforter and as a helper(Numbers 11:17,John16:7). He is a messenger in 2Peter 1:20-21. All of these support the reason why the holy spirit is very necessary in our lives. Throughout my experience from how I was and who I’m now, I can positively say that we can never overcome temptations of the devil without the Holy spirit.

In order to understand the plot of the devil’s work in your life, you need the Holy spirit to help you and to give you wisdom and understanding. Now,  the one thing I know for sure is that the devil is very smart, in fact the smartest. He knows all of our weaknesses. So he turns them into temptations.  Why temptations? Because this is the only way we fall. He even tempted Jesus, our creator, the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings(Matthew4:1-11). So why spare us? Right? When you have the Holy spirit, you become smarter than the devil, just like Jesus.

When I say receive the Holy spirit, many people think that doing so will make everything perfectly perfect. But I’m sorry to bear this news that the Holy spirit exist in the spirit and he is only there to guide you. So, you have to listen to him and the rest of the mess, you have to clean it up yourself under the guidance of the Holy spirit. Your temptations will still be there even after you walk out of your church but learn to say “no”. When you start resisting you start building up a stronger foundation in the spirit.

Many a times temptations appear in semblance of idols. “Idols” here,means anything that replaces God. Anything that draws you away from God. Let me make it clear by conveying not to make your idealisms,hobbies,your interest and so on as your idols. Iam not saying don’t dress up stylish or don’t do makeup or don’t be interested in anything at all. The truth is you can do all of it but don’t make them your idols or let them draw your attention away from God (1John 5:21, 1Corinthians 10:14). And for all these to be possible you need the Holy spirit. Throughout my journey with the good Lord, there were times when I failed and temptations overtook me. I remember clearly how strong I was in the spirit in the beginning but later I got carried away. But it was all because of the Holy spirit when he gave me the power of realization and i returned to His kingdom and today iam 19 and stronger than ever. Amen!

The Lord will be protector, a fighter to those who come to Him. He has promised great things to His children (Jeremiah 24:7Exodus 14:14Isaiah 40:31).

My message to everyone is to repent and receive the Holy Spirit and listen to him so that you can see great things and be able to walk in the Lord’s path. Be desperate and hungry for the Lord  (Hosea 6:1 ). He is merciful and filled with love. Remeber the Lord is sensitive towards the Holy Spirit(Matthew 12:31Luke 12:10Mark 3:28-29). May all who read this be blessed beyond measure (Psalms 1:1-3)



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