Create an effortless trendy look

Lately I’ve been thinking about what I should be posting next for my blog and then I came up with the idea of creating an effortless yet trendy look. Well,you can look very trendy but what people usually do is they try too hard, putting on a lot of effort. And what goes wrong is that, the effort shows. So, people can just see that you are trying too hard. Trust me when I say this, I took only 10 minutes to pair out these outfits. All you need to do is think and imagine and start pairing up. Don’t just pair everything up! Take the simpler ones and pair them up with something fun and chic. It’s unfussy and  casual but gives you an effortless look. So, here is some of my favourites.

Look 1:

Bodysuits are my favourite this year. I just love them. They are chic and so trendy. Nothing can go wrong when you are pairing it up with shorts or pants or even skirts of any fabric.

Look 2:

This white satin cardigan is one of my favourite. They never go out of fashion and goes with anything. You can pair it up with shorts and a pair of everyone’s favourite “mules “.

Look 3:

This third look is all about looking effortlessly chic. Who said floral prints and converse can’t possibly go together? Pair them up and it can be insta worth😉

Look 4:

The last look is one of my favourite too. Grey and white looks a little off? Well, modify it with some leather. A black leather belt with a pair of matching black leather boots and you are all ready to flaunt your effortless look.

So,this is what I was upto this time. I hope you guys loved it. Let me know your thoughts about it below. Until then,see you guys next time



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