You Have a Purpose

                           Every once in a while I’m led to wonder about the possibilities of a pellucid world. But I suppose the certainty of it is very little. Iam not being a pessimist, but when I look out of the window I see hope […]

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Christmas to Me

The time of the year has finally arrived. It is time to celebrate the birth of Christ and to spread happiness and laughter! It’s Christmas! However, these are not the only reasons to celebrate Christmas. It is the time to find hope and to give hope. Before Christ the world had no hope and was […]

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Spiritual awakening here simply indicates the welcoming of the Holy Spirit. So, why the spiritual awakening? Why has it been specifically emphasized here? It is because only the holy spirit can teach you,comfort you and lead you to the truth. Holy Spirit has been mentioned frequently in the bible.  Beginning from the book of Genesis 1:2. This […]


Everyday Outfits

Hey guys! So, I decided to start off my first blog with the basics. Well, generally everybody loves wearing comfortable clothes and what’s better than that right? So, these are some outfits that I wear in my everyday life for instance going to work, to college, shopping,etc and I chose these outfits cause these are […]

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